At the heart of our concerns, volunteers are the corner stone of our organization.

The Centre d’action bénévole de Saint-Hubert works with volunteers acting for its own services, but also with those who wish to engage with other organizations.

After reading the following information, you can request additional information or register as a volunteer at 450 656-9110, or by completing this form and emailing or faxing it to us (450 656 -9115).

Download the volunteer registration form »

We offer various services to volunteers to make their experience more stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding.

Reception, Screening and Criminal Background Check

From the first meeting, we set up a process to find a volunteer opportunity matching the criteria of the person. That is why we take the time to greet people during a group or an individual information session. We can also begin the filtering process. The filtering process is actually an important step where we take the time to ask the volunteer their tastes, preferences and areas of expertise, in order to better guide them. The criminal background check has two objectives: to protect vulnerable customers, and in a situation where the volunteer would have a criminal record, find the place where he could get involved.


After completing the previous steps, our staff tries to find the opportunity that best fits the requirements of the volunteer.

External Monitoring

When a volunteer is recommended to another organization, we follow up with him to check if the experiment is successful. If the volunteer does not feel comfortable in his position, we can assist with the organization where he is involved to rectify the situation or find a new environment.

Internal Support

For volunteers working through our services, we offer support similar to the external monitoring in addition to offering tools adapted to his post.

Training and Resourcing

Training for volunteers is focused on the tasks they have to perform as well as their interests. The programs vary and are adapted as required. Some courses are also offered to volunteers from other organizations. Resourcing is a way to rejuvenate the volunteers in their personal lives. Similar to training, it is however less related to volunteer work.


While we make it a point to recognize the daily accomplishments of our volunteers, we organize certain celebration events or take concrete actions to even go further. We offer a season launching event in early fall, a Christmas party, an evening of recognition as well as other activities during the “Volunteering Action Week”. We also hold gifts draw and give recognition certificates at these events. We further highlight the exceptional work of a volunteer with the William Warnock award.