At the heart of our concerns, volunteers are the corner stone of our organization.

Becoming a Volunteer

Welcome! Since you have reached this section, we wish to already thank you for the interest you have shown in becoming a volunteer. Volunteers are very important members of our community.

Whatever the reason that brought you here, whatever your talents or your availability, we will endeavor to find you an enjoyable place for your involvement

Volunteer Opportunities

You can find volunteer opportunities in the territory of Saint-Hubert here.

Benefits of Volunteering

Besides all the support it provides to the community and often the poorest members of society, here’s what it will bring YOU:

  • Pleasant encounters
  • Unforgettable moments
  • Personal and professional training
  • Enhanced work experience for people seeking employment
  • Recognition for your actions
  • The joy of having accomplished something important


The first requirement to becoming a volunteer is wanting to volunteer. Volunteering is an independent and free gesture. Secondly, it is easier to guide you towards a rewarding experience if you already know what you would like to do, what types of people you want to work with or what field you want to work in. Most importantly, you need to tell us what you do not want to do. Do not be afraid to say so. Referral to services or resources will only be easier.

Some areas of involvement have specific requirements for the integration of volunteers in their workplace. These conditions will be taken into account when we are searching for volunteer opportunities that suit you.

However, please note that in the admission process with the CAB, you are requested to complete an authorization form for a criminal background check. This audit does not give us access to your file. The police will inform us, if necessary, of any restrictions that might come in conflict with certain types of volunteering. Results depend on the individuals. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, someone with a criminal record can still be integrated into some volunteer work. This background check is essential, because we work with vulnerable people.

Verification of driver’s permit and experience may also be necessary according to the type of volunteer participation sought by a volunteer.

In most organizations, a code of ethics also regulates the activities of volunteers.

After reading the following information, you can request additional information or to register as a volunteer at 450 656-9110, or or by completing this form and returning it to us either by email or fax (450 656 -9115).

Download the Volunteer Registration Form »

Integration Process

Here is the classic course of a person wishing to get involved:

Greeting, Screening and Criminal Background Check

From the first meeting, we set up a process to find a volunteer job matching the criteria of the person. We take the time to greet people during an information group or individual session where we can also begin the filtering process. The filtering is actually an important step where we gather information from the volunteer concerning their tastes, preferences and areas of expertise, in order to be able to properly direct them. The criminal background check has two objectives: to protect vulnerable customers, and in a situation where the volunteer has a criminal record we can still attempt to find areas where they can safely get involved.


After completing the previous steps, our staff tries to find the position that best suits the volunteer’s requirements.

External Monitoring

When volunteers are referred to another organization, we follow up with them to check if the experience is successful. If they are not comfortable in this position, we can assist them in asking the organization concerned to rectify the situation or we can further try to find a new environment.

Internal Support

For volunteers working in our services, we offer support similar to the external monitoring in addition to offering working tools adapted to his post.

Rights of the Volunteer

  • Being involved according to his preferences, skills and availability
  • Be considered as a unique person and respected for their personal qualities
  • Recognized for his contributions to the organization
  • Have access to a stimulating and rewarding volunteer position
  • Working under conditions promoting pride and self-realization in their work
  • Be encouraged to self-invest and engage in the activities of the organization
  • Be covered by an adequate insurance

Responsibilities of the Volunteer

  • The volunteer agrees to perform the assigned tasks effectively and honestly, while having a good working relationship with other volunteers and staff;
  • Respect the confidentiality and rules inherent to the values of the organization where he is involved;
  • Treat visitors, employees, beneficiaries and other volunteers with respect and consideration;
  • Inform the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible of any desired schedule or tasks change;
  • Advise the volunteer coordinator within reasonable time in case of absence.

Registration Form

Here you will find the form to register as a volunteer. You can return it to us via email to or by fax (450 656-9115).

Download the Volunteer Registration Form »