Attendant at the water station

Age Availabilities Cause Tasks
  • 17 or younger
  • Weekends - Days
  • Leisure and sports
  • Other
  • Position Details

    -Get to your work station and meet up with the team leader;
    -Follow the instructions giving by your crew chief,
    -Place the material by following the giving plan ;
    -Put water and energy drink into glasses and place them on your tables
    -Put some water bottle and energy drink bottle on the table facing the participants for them to see what drink you have to offer ;
    -Yell « Water » or « Energy drink» depend on what you have on your open hand (easy grip under the glass). When runners come close to you, extend your arm to offer the drink . Repeat as long as runners come accross the water station ;
    -Be sure to have your table full of glasses and ready to give away water at all time.
    -Make sure that your station stays clean. All recycling garbages will go in blue bag and put none-recycling garbages in green bag. Put all the bags in a visible place to make sure that we can see them when the time come to take them away.
    -Put back in your work station truck all the none-used material.

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